Common Teenage Problems and Their Solutions

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Teenage is the best part of our life. It’s full of excitements, enthusiasm, and most important, friends and lots of fun.

As a teenager, you face lots of new things for the first time in your life.

But every coin has two sides, apart from those wonderful things, teenage comes with a lot of challenges for us.

As a teenager, you must have some doubts in your mind regarding everything you see and feel all around you.

But we never know when these doubts become teenage problems.

Everyone has unique behavior and lifestyle. But there are some problems which are common among teenagers.

Why teenagers face lots of problems? If you are a parent and reading our blog right now, then you should ask this question to yourself.

There are countless reasons behind the adolescence problems, and some of them are uncleared doubts, unanswered questions, and wrong perceptions.

Let’s take a glance at some common teenage problems which teens are facing now.


The most common teenage problem is the appearance of the teenager in front of others.

In their perception, they have to look good all the time. But why teenagers are so cautious about their looks?

Because they learned from their childhood that “The first impression is the last impression.”

And no one explained the real meaning of this quote to them, and they attached their own meanings to this quote.

Finally, the quote becomes “The first appearance is the last impression.”

And this wrong perception leads to various problems. Teenagers start adapting the wrong methods for good appearance.

Especially, teenage girls start imitating others for the perfect look. For the perfect body shape and figure, they don’t take proper diet.

The unbalanced diet leads to anemia and thyroid problems among girls. We often see mostly teenagers have the low eye-sight vision because of improper diet and proteins.

Solutions For this Teenage Problem:

For the Parents:

1. Make sure that you should tell them about the decent appearance. Let them know that over make-up and accessories are not the sign of good personality.

2. Help them in choosing the right dress for various occasions. Make sure that you help them when they get ready for school or outings.

3. Give importance to their choice also and tell your child which thing will suit best on him/her.

4. You should watch their activities and if you found anything abnormal then talk to them about their problem.

5. Spend time with your children and don’t make any pressure on them.



Education is also an important adolescent problem. Every child has a different learning capacity.

But in the race of getting the first position every child try to learn and grasp more than his capacity.

As a result, they plunged into the stress and depression. In this phase, teenagers have to manage a number of things.

There is a huge competition in the academics. The pressure of qualifying in exams and test overburdens their minds.

Solutions For this Teenage Problem:

For Teenagers:

1. Make a time-table for study and recreational activities.

2. Clear your doubts from teachers. Don’t feel shy when asking questions.

3. Give time to your hobby and don’t take too much stress

4. Participate in the games and other activities in the school.

5. Make your notes on time and study according to your time-table.

For the Parents:

1. Help your children in the study.

2. Make a proper diet plan for them and try to convince your child to follow it.

3. Meet the school teacher and discuss your child performance in the class.

4. Answer to your child’s questions and give your maximum time to them.

5. Make plans for outings and the most important thing, feel them special and unique.



Teenage is the part of life in which we make friends for the lifetime.

Friendship unites the people from different regions and religions. It is very obvious teenagers give more preference to their friends more than their blood relationships.

But quarrels and misunderstandings in the friendship create problems for the teenagers.

For teenagers, friendship is everything and conflictions and quarrels with friends affect their life a lot.

Friendship is the thing in which you attach to a person emotionally.

Emotional instabilities affect our personal life. Especially in teenage, we can’t leave our friends.

Actually, friendship has some negative vibes along with the positive one.

Teenagers adapt the feelings of jealousy, revenge, and competition from their friends.

These negative feelings and perceptions affect their behaviour a lot. Parents should concern about their child’s negative behaviour.

For teenagers “A friend in need is a friend indeed ”

Solutions For this Teenage Problem:

For the Parents:

1. Watch your children activities if you see any major change in their behaviour, then you should concern this matter.

2. Involve your kids in family gatherings.

3. You should meet your child’s school friends.This will assure you that your child is in the right group.


Peer Pressure

It’s very common to have group pressure in teenage. Friends influence our behaviour a lot and we have to act and think like them.

For example, if your friends are going for outing then you have to go with them, whether you want or not.

But for friends and their sentiments teenagers do a lot of things. They do because their friends are doing the same.

It is generally known as peer pressure. It’s something every teenager has to deal with.

Solutions For this Teenage Problem:

For the Parents:

1. Communicate with your child on daily basis and ask him about what they have done in school.

2. Teach them how to say no.



It’s normal to attract to someone.

But in teenage, this happens most of the time and with many people. Teenagers quickly attract towards other persons.

In teenage, mostly people attracts by seeing the look and beauty of another person.

They make temporary relationships and sometimes date many people at a time.

Dating is the common teenage problem and these dating relationships cause various issues.

Jealousy and aggression are very much attached to teen relationships.

Aggression, emotional instabilities, psychological problems, violence and crime are the things that started with revenge and jealous feelings.

Below are a few examples of teen violence in dating and relationships:

1. Relationship abuse

2. Intimate partner violence

3. Relationship violence

4. Dating abuse

5. Domestic abuse

6. Domestic violence

Solutions For this Teenage Problem:

For the Parents:

1. When teenagers date someone, then they care a lot about their looks and appearance and as a parent, you should watch and control their activities.

2. Make sure that your children avoid makeup and accessories in school.

3. Give love and care to your children so that they don’t feel loneliness. An alone person always finds love and emotional support. And in teenage, this need leads to wrong relationships and datings.

4. Make sure you don’t give them their personal mobile phones. If they surf on the internet, then you should block those site which you think can be harmful to your teen.

5. Give attention to your teen’s social media use.

6. You should teach your children that don’t do so much trust on anyone and keep away from strangers.



Every teenager faces some kind of stress in his life. They suffer from major and minor stress issues.

The nature of stress totally depends upon the psychology of the mind.

Teenagers usually make stress as a part of their life, but they are not aware of the negative effect of stress on the health and mind.

Solutions For this Teenage Problem:

Do the Stress Relief Activities once in a day and you will get positive results. Some of the Stress Relief Activities are given below:

1. Breathing Exercise

2. Meditation

3. Eat Chocolates

4. Watch Funny videos

5. Talk to an old friend

6. Take a walk

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Internet Addiction

Do you spend your most of the time on social media and google?

Are you addicted to texting? Can’t stop yourself to check your phone instantly?

If your answer is yes then you might be addicted to the internet and it is called Internet Addiction Disorder.

Solutions For this Teenage Problem:

1. Carry your phone in the pocket or bag.

2. Spend time without the phone.

3. Transform your Social interactions.

4. Be Open

5. Kick off texting apps.

6. Turn Off Notifications

7. Join Family Gatherings.

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Drinking and Smoking – Drug Addiction

Mostly teenagers imitate the action of others. Bad companies and peer pressure persuade teenagers to drink and smoke.

Moreover, they start taking drugs frequently and this habit makes them drug-addicted.

Leaving drug addiction sounds difficult to the person who is drug-addicted, but it’s not as tough as we think.

Solutions For this Teenage Problem:

1. Will to leave drug addiction

2. Change in your dose of drugs

3. Say no to bad groups

4. Change in Lifestyle

5. Talk to your parents and friends

6. Meditation and Yoga

7. Leave Bad habits

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