What is text addiction?

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What is text addiction?

Texting is an easy way to communicate in the modern society.

Ok! Hmm! WBU? Lol, are the greatest way of communicating with each other on social media.

But unfortunately, this great way of texting leads to text addiction and it’s not surprising that you might be addicted to texting.

Text Addiction makes you to check your phone instantly. In spite of the fact it’s urgent or not, you feel to respond each message instantly.

Symptoms of Text Addiction

1. Your Typing Speed is beyond the Imagination

2. You can type without looking at Phone Keyboard

3. You Feel Mad, when you have to wait a long time for a Reply

4. Surely, You cannot pass a single day without your phone

5. Emoticons expresses you better, Emoticons are your life

6. You are or you want to become the admin of every social media group.

7. You Prefer Texting and you don’t like picking up calls.

8. Your phone have all the texting applications.

9. You feel shy and often fall short of words while conversing face to face, but on texting, you become social bee.

10.  Battery saver mode- You run for the charger.

11. Your fingers become useless when you don’t have phone in your hands.

12. You enjoy seeing the Message Notifications.

13. Mostly, you avoid family gatherings because it became difficult for you to text.

14. You Sleep with your phone.

15. You feel embarrassed , when people reply to your texts with ok or “Hmm.”

16. It’s your habit to persuade others for installing chatting apps and chat with you.

17. Texting made you to feel like robot. You want reply in seconds.


How to Leave Text Addiction?

Carry Your Phone in the Pocket or Bag

You should place your phone in your pocket instead of carry it in your hand.

If your phone is in your hand then you will definitely use it.

Carry your phone in a bag is the better option. Habit of carrying phone into the bag lessen the chances of using the phone frequently.


Spend Time without Phone

You should set times when you will be away from your phone.

It’s not compulsory to set specific hours but you should keep in mind that you are not using your phone at that time.

Turn off your phone and put it away from your reach.

Don’t Force yourself to do this but take it as a habit for doing each day. This will make you productive and creative.


Transform Your Social Interactions

Make phone calls. And tell your friends that you would like to meet them personally.

Hang out with your friends. This will help you to stay socialized without texting

Don’t you think it’s better to spend time outside? Or you would like to stare on your phone screen throughout the day?

The best choice will be yours but we recommend you to try something new.


Be Open

Tell your friends that you are trying to avoid texting. And explain them you will only text, when you feel it’s important.

Make plans to use your phone less. Put your phone aside and try to focus on the real world.

It’s good to take a break from social world. You can read books, play games or watch your favorite tv show.


Kick off Texting Apps

Delete unnecessary texting apps from your phone. And You will not become anxious to use your phone.

If these apps are not in your phone, then you will use your phone very less.


Change Your Data Plan

You should change your data plan so you can text less.

If you are using the unlimited data plan with long validity period, then you are more likely to do texting.

Keep the plan limited and this will be the best way to keep yourself away from texting.


Turn Off Notifications

If you need to use your phone internet for the work. Then you can still avoid texting.

Just turn off all the notifications of your apps. Especially the popup notifications.

You will not know that you got a message, until you logged into the texting app.

This will keep you focused on your work.


Join Family Gatherings

You should attend family functions. You will enjoy there and you will definitely forget about texting.

Instead of living in a virtual world, it’s good to chill with your family members and friends.

Good surroundings will make you alive. You will find the real happiness inside you.


Be More Productive

Try to improve your productivity. Bring efficiency in your work.

Don’t carry your phone everywhere, avoid the use of phone at workplaces.

Switch off your phones or keep it on silent mode while doing important works.

Your efficiency will motivate you to work in a better manner. You will get rid from texting in the short span of time.

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