PCPNDT stands for Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques. This act was created by the parliament of India for prohibiting the sex-selective abortions in the country. Female infanticides were increasing day by day before the Independence of India. However, the government enacted several laws for preventing abortions and raising female sex […]

Choosing a course after 12th is the most confusing task for a student. This is the decision which decides the career growth of an individual. There are a variety of courses available but it is not easy to choose the right one. You have to look after various things like: […]


Everyone likes college life. The charm of higher education attracts the students to take admissions in famous universities and colleges. College life is very different from school life. Higher education is the only factor which pushes the students to opt for college or university. We face various issues, whenever we […]

Online learning is bringing a revolutionary change in the era of modernization.Today we are noticing the major change that came across in the teaching and learning process. Let’s take a look at the earlier methods that we have used for the learning process: 1. Face To Face learning in schools […]

Women rights in India-Constitution of India provides various rights to women which includes equality, safety, dignity and freedom from discrimination. These Female rights ensures women that they can live with freedom and without fear.It’s really important that every women should know these rights. As an individual and resident of this […]