How To Crack Competitive Exams

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India is a platform of various competitive exams. Every year various organizations conduct exams to recruit government officials and to give admissions to students in recognized institutes and universities.

Each one of you wants to get qualified in those exams. If you are here, then for sure you must be appearing in the current competitive exam.

But the question arises how you will crack the exam? Yes, we all know study and revision are the pillars of success in competitive exams. But there are certain things that as a student we ignore while preparing for the exams.

We are going to discuss those points in detail. So you will get to know about where you are lacking in preparing for the exam.

Early Preparation:

Early to Bed and Early to Rise. Make a man healthy, wealthy and wise. This is the famous quotes that we heard since childhood.

The same formula is for our exam preparation also. “Early Study Make you Sturdy”

Pre-Preparation leads to Progression. You should start your study before the official exam notification. This will save a lot of time. See the following benefits of early preparation:

  • You can do the revisions of the latest syllabus.
  • You can give extra time to tough parts of the curriculum.
  • You can make notes for quick reference.
  • You will get a bonus time for taking the mock-up test online.

 Cover Syllabus First:

The first and most important step is to have a hard copy of the entire syllabus of the competitive exam. Start with collecting the bunch of books that have the syllabus of the exam.

Start with the very first section. Mostly we think that we will study the easy concepts in last. But all the sections and concepts are interrelated to each other.

From first to last there is coordination between the entire syllabus. You will better understand the tough concepts if your basics are clear.

Plan For Revision:

Now after completing the syllabus, you need to make a plan for revising it. Revision is must for success in the exam.

It refreshes what you have learned earlier. Our mind doesn’t forget anything, it’s our fear and anxiety that makes us to forget the things.

So a full-fledged revision will help out you to overcome the fear of exam. Before starting the revision, you should ask some questions to yourself regarding the topic that how much you remembered about it and what are the main points of the particular topic. Even a minute detail can be asked in the exam.

Revise and Write:

It helps you a lot when you make small notes while revising your syllabus. This will give you a glance of the topic before the examination. 

Writing alert our mind to grasp the things deeply and there will be no chance to forget it in the last minute.

Keep an eye on GK & Current Affairs:

You should be well aware of current affairs going on, it’s very necessary for any competitive exam.

Your general knowledge plays an important role in any exam as it helps you to gain marks with much accuracy. How much deep you have to study current affairs and GK it’s totally based on your exam. Whether it is a secondary or higher-level government exam. 

Have Confidence and think in Present:

Firstly you should have confidence in your mind and heart that you can do it. A positive confidence leads to motivation. Here you can understand the positive confidence in simple terms:

Positive Confidence: “I can do it”

Negative Confidence: “Only I can do it”

Secondly, you have to think about the present that you have to work hard so your future can be secured. This time you have to do it and you are not ready to give it second chance. In the first attempt, you will give your 100%.

Self Assessment:

You should take a self-test to check your knowledge. You can do it with the help of old question paper and online mock tests.

This will give you an idea of how much you have prepared for the exam. If you got negative results, then don’t get demotivated and give more time to your study and practice it again. 

Light up your mood:

Exam stress can deteriorate your health and put a burden on your mind, you should do your favorite things for relaxing your mind. It can be anything like games, movies, books or songs.

You should give preference to your hobbies as well. 

Don’t Panic:

It’s our habit to get nervous at the last moment but it demoralizes our confidence. Just remember you have worked hard and learned a lot for the exam.

You have given your 100% and now it’s time to prove it that you can achieve your goals. Have confidence and keep your mind calm.

This will help you to build up a positive environment around yourself.

Keep Logic and Knowledge Side By Side:

We need to maintain our logical ability throughout the exam. As the agencies always ask questions with the twist. So you have to keep your mind intact and understand the logic behind the question. For example:

Direct Question: Who has given the concept of Dramaturgy?
Indirect Question: Who believes in presenting human as performers and related their activities with drama and backstage operations?

Time Management:

This is the must thing which you have to manage before and during the exam. Time utilization is an important thing that we need to keep in mind.

During the exam, it’s important to have an eye on the time that left with you and you have to increase your speed as time goes on.

Just start with the questions that you need to solve out like reasoning, logical series, diagrams, comprehension, etc. Then start with the objective type questions.

If your exam includes writing part, then you can even start with it also. Time management also relies on your skills and speed to solve the queries.

We sum up with the thought and believe that “You can do it and surely you will succeed

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