Foods for boosting Immune System

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Our body is like a machine, it is a combination of different parts and every parts have it’s own work. In Today’s life everyone is working hard to achieve best. Continues work and busy lifestyle make our body tired and dull. It badly affects our immune system. Benefits of Good Sleep

Immune system plays a very important to protect our body against diseases or any other viral infections. If we want a healthy body, then we need to have a good immune system. Meditation-Give Peace To Your MindGood immune system can be developed easily by ourselves if we know the best food and appropriate diet.


Broccoli is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is combo pack of vitamins (A,C,E) and other antioxidants. Broccoli is one of the healthiest veggies. It is a good source of fiber, protein, calcium, potassium. It also includes folic acid and magnesium.


Garlic is a common herb/food and available in almost every indian kitchen. It is rich in minerals like zinc, potassium, magnesium, Vitamins (C,K). Garlic improves our digestive system. It benefits the intestine and reduce the inflammation. It protects the good bacteria and destroys the bad bacteria in our guts.


Ginger helps in decreasing inflammation, pain and nausea. It is good for heart and reduces the cholesterol level. Ginger protects our DNA from damages. As per Ayurveda, it is one of the best remedies for cough and cold.


The leafy green vegetable contains lots of benefits for your health. Spinach is a very good source of iron, magnesium, folic acid, calcium. It also includes vitamins A, C, K1, B6, B9 and vitamin E. The antioxidants properties of spinach help to fight viruses and gives strength to our body.


Oranges, Grapefruits, Lemons etc. are citrus fruits. They are rich source of citric acid. Citrus food have potential to provide the best health benefits because they are enriched with the properties of antioxidants. Citrus food boost our immunity system and encourage our immune system to develop WBC (white blood cells).


Kiwi is a small fruit. It is packed with a lot of nutrition. It contains good amount of vitamin C, that is a powerful antioxidant or immune booster for our body. Kiwi help to boost the WBC which help to fight infection and other type of virus. Kiwi is riched in potassium and vitamin C.


Almonds are great source of fiber. It helps to increase healthy bacteria in our gut that results into easy digestion. Vitamin E in almonds helps to protect our heart. Almonds also work like antioxidants. This nut can be eaten as snacks. Almonds nuts are rich in vitamins, proteins, fibers and other beneficial substances.


Taking yogurt every day improves our body’s flora. Yogurt helps to kill the bad bacteria in the gut and make digestive system healthy. Yogurt is also a great source of vitamin D. It help to regulate the immune system and boost our body’s natural protect against virus. Yogurt  reduces the inflammation in our body. The probiotics of yogurts help in reducing anxiety and stress level.

If we eat good food then we can stay away from many diseases.

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