Meditation-Give Peace To Your Mind

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Stress is not part of your life at all, it is passed by the unwanted and unexpected things of your life which you don’t want to handle. You are not aware of the negative effect of stress on your life & mind. But don’t panic just use meditation as Medicare.

First of all, you should know how to do meditation?

Meditation is a very simple practice, but people usually thought it’s a complicated process. You don’t need much efforts to meditate. There are very simple steps for doing it and these are given as follows

Something To Sit

Basically, there are three options for sitting on during the meditation.

  • A Meditation Cushion (commonly used)
  • A Chair 
  • A Meditation Bench

Meditation Cushion

They are the most popular thing which people use to sit on while doing meditation. The best thing about this cushion is it’s comfortable.

In our opinion, the sitting position is best for meditation as it increases the concentration power.

You can purchase meditation cushion and it is easily available in the market.

We prefer homemade cushions as they are comfortable and cheap. You can make it according to your requirement.

Meditation Chair

If you have back problems then you should use meditation chairs.

If you have just started doing meditation, then start with these chairs as they will help you to do the practice with ease.

Meditation Bench

If you find meditation cushion too uncomfortable then it’s important to give a try to meditation bench.

These benches are beneficial as they can absorb a lot of the weight and you can acquire as much as space, which makes the practice more comfortable.

How to Sit

The second important thing of meditation is the sitting position. You just need to keep following things in your mind:

One of the important thing to remember is, keep your back straight

Your eyes can be closed or open: If you find it difficult to close your eyes then you can open your eyes during meditation as you just need to gaze softly on the floor or in front of you. But generally, it is preferred that you should keep your eyes closed.

Hands Position: You don’t need to worry about your hand position as you can rest your hand on your legs. Some people also form circles with their thumb and another finger, but it’s not important. Keep your hands anywhere which you feel comfortable.

Legs Position: We prefer to choose cross-legged pose, as it works fine for most of the people. If you want to keep it easy then it is the best option.

What to do

Get Comfortable: Set a timer on your phone, and place it into a comfortable posture. Dim the lights or shut them off in order to help you focus better.

Start Your Timer: Start the timer on the phone.

Focus on Your Breath: This is what you have to do and this is what makes meditation both difficult and essential. Close your mouth and focus on your breath.

You can also focus on any phrase.Remember don’t force breathing, just breathe normally and try to concentrate without thinking about anything. Just feel your self and your breath.

Don’t Think: This is the tough step. Bring your attention to your breath and try to feel it.Don’t become hard on yourself during this step. Keep doing it until your timer sounds.

Points To Remember:

  • Start with small time
  • Pick a soft alarm
  • Choose a quiet place
  • Feel Free and try to be easy on yourself.

Benefits of Meditation

Reduces Stress And Anxiety Level

It eventually reduces your stress because your mind grasps lots of peace and calmness. And through the positive vibes, the effect of stress reduces to a great extent.

Meditation not only keeps your mind stable but also enhance the productivity and understanding power.

It’s more beneficial for the people who are short tempered. They should do it on regular basis.

Improves Attention And Concentration Power

Meditation helps to increase the concentration on different subjects. It boosts up the mind to remain stable and to handle boring and repetitive tasks.

Meditation also has great benefits for students as they can improve their performance in academics.

It has extra power to ensure active participation of kids in curricular activities and games.

Meditation-Boon For Kids

There are many benefits for the kids and some of them are the following:

  • Reduces depression.
  • Reduces conflicts with friends
  • Increases positivism
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Improves social skills
  • Better sleep
  • Improves self-awareness
  • Improves academic performance

Bring Positivism In Relationships

People often face quarrels and this leads to small fights in the relationship.

The reason of broken relationships is a disturbed mind, anger, and frustration within us.

Meditation fill your mind with satisfaction and inner peace and you feel positivity around you.

People who meditate daily can bring optimism in their relationships and lead to a healthy and happy life.

Helps To Manage The Heart Rate

Meditation practitioners experience a lower heart rate compared to others.

It decreases the anxiety and lowers the heart rate. It also helps to reduce harmful hormones.

Maintains Blood Pressure

You can keep your blood pressure normal if you do meditation on daily basis.

It also keeps your mind calm and when you have the mind full of peace and positive thoughts then eventually lowers the blood pressure.

Bring Calmness

People who meditate react positively to the tough situation but apparently, people who don’t meditate reacts without thinking and for them, their thought is the boss.

While you are in meditation, you forget all the stress and your body become relaxed and that’s the point where you can get calmness in your behavior and mind.

Slows Aging

It changes our brain psychology, it reduces the effect of harmful hormones.

Doing meditation in the morning helps us to inhale fresh oxygen and that leads to glowing skin and healthy body.

Boosts Self Control

It keeps control over your emotions and you can remain stable in a hard time of your life.

It gives you the power to express your emotions in the right way at the right time so you can escape from unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Meditation  is Creation: Makes You Creative

Creativity is the part of human intelligence and it controlled and generated by the mind. And meditation passes positive vibes to our mind which leads to increased creativity and eminent thinking.

“Add Natural Essence To Your Life, Do Meditation.”