• Women Rights In India

    Women Rights In India

    Women rights in India-Constitution of India provides various rights to women which includes equality, safety, dignity and freedom from discrimination. These Female rights ensures women that they can live with freedom and without fear.It’s really important that every women should know these rights. As an individual and resident of this […]

  • Popular Apps and Portals For Online Study

    Popular Apps and Portals For Online Study

    Your phone can do many more things other than postings on social media or chit chat with your friends. Online Study is a masterpiece of technology. Study online means you will be studying anytime anywhere you can. At home, it includes lots of distractions. But some handy apps can make […]

  • How To Crack Competitive Exams

    How To Crack Competitive Exams

    India is a platform of various competitive exams. Every year various organizations conduct exams to recruit government officials and to give admissions to students in recognized institutes and universities. Each one of you wants to get qualified in those exams. If you are here, then for sure you must be […]

  • Social and Religious Movements in India

    Social and Religious Movements in India

    India has a glorious past, a developing present, and is believed to have a prosperous future. Pre-Independence was the era of transformation. And today we are witnessing the change in the old taboos of society, and it’s just because of the hard work of some luminary and courageous people. All […]

  • How To Choose a Career

    How To Choose a Career

    Are you worried about your career choice? what to opt for as a profession? confused about career planning? Career is an important aspect of everyone’s life. Not because you earn from there but your all future and growth is based on your career choice. But what is the right career […]

  • What is PCPNDT Act

    What is PCPNDT Act

    PCPNDT stands for Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques. This act was created by the parliament of India for prohibiting the sex-selective abortions in the country. Female infanticides were increasing day by day before the Independence of India. However, the government enacted several laws for preventing abortions and raising female sex […]