Social and Religious Movements in India

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India has a glorious past, a developing present, and is believed to have a prosperous future.

Pre-Independence was the era of transformation. And today we are witnessing the change in the old taboos of society, and it’s just because of the hard work of some luminary and courageous people.

All of us need to know about the reform drives that changed our present. They gave a new dimension to the development of the country.

Let’s take a glimpse on social and religious movements in India that changed the destiny of the nation and filled us with proud.

Socio-Religious Movements in India

Atmiya SabhaRaja Ram Mohan Roy1815Calcutta
Young Bengal MovementHenry Vivian Derozio1826Calcutta
Brahmo SamajRaja Ram Mohan Roy1829Calcutta
Dharma SabhaRadhaKant Dev1830Calcutta
Tatvabodhini SabhaDebendranath Tagore1839Calcutta
Paramhansa MandiliDadoba Panderung1849Bombay
Rahnumai Mazdhyan SabhaDadabhai Naroji1851Bombay
RadhaSwami SatsangShiv Dayal Saheb1861Agra
Brahmo Samaj of IndiaKeshav Chandra Sen1866Calcutta
Prarthna SamajDr. Atmaram Pandurang1867Bombay
Arya SamajSwami Dayanand1875Bombay
Theosophical SocietyH.P Balatsvy & Col. Olcott1875New York
Sadharan Brahmo SamajAnand Mohan Bose1878Calcutta
Deccan Educational SocietyG.G Agarkar1884Pune
Indian National Social ConferenceM.G. Ranade1887Bombay
Dev SamajShivnarayan Agnihotri1887Lahore
Ram Krishna MissionSwami Vivekanand1897Belure
Servants of Indian SocietyGopal Krishna Gokhale1905Bombay
Social Service LeagueN.M. Joshi1911Bombay
Seva SamitiH.N. Kunjru1914Allahabad

The emergence of Socio-Religious Movements in India:

In the 19th century, many reformers came forward and joined hands for eradicating the inhuman activities, religious taboos, and superstitions from the society.

They have some common ideas in their minds:

  1. One god and individual unit of all religions.
  2. End of Polytheism, Priesthood, and Idolatry.
  3. Improve the status of women.
  4. Foster the feeling self-respect and self-reliance.

Outcome of the Social-Religious Movements:

It helped to bring back the society on the path of social, religious and mental well-being. It restored the harmony of people.

It transformed the mentalities and united the nation.

Major outcomes are given as follows:

  1. The revival of Hinduism.
  2. Given immense respect to women, untouchable and other oppressed people of society.
  3. A full attack on the caste system.
  4. Maintained the sense of co-existence of culture and religions.

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