Text Addiction

Text Addiction

What is text addiction? Texting is an easy way to communicate in the modern society. Ok! Hmm! WBU? Lol, are the greatest way of communicating with each other on social media. But unfortunately, this great way of texting leads to text addiction and it’s not surprising that you might be addicted to texting. Text Addiction

Stress Relief Activities

Stress Relief Activities To Reduce Stress Now

Stress Relief Activities To Reduce Stress Anytime Anywhere Breathing Exercise Deep breathing is an easy way to relieve your stress, on the other hand, it has health benefits for your body like quieting your mind and keeping your anger in control. Breathing exercises are helpful because it’s easy to practice them anywhere. It generally preferred that

Benefits of Good Sleep

Benefits of Good Sleep

Benefits of good sleep is an important thing which you should know. After knowing, you will understand the importance of sound sleep in your life. Improves Memory Proper sleep increases your memory power. Like machinery need fuel to work similarly our mind need rest to work in proper manner. Sleep relieves all the burden from the

Brain Health

How To Promote Brain Health: Only 5 Things To Do

“Brain is the Human Power” Brain Health is very important to keep you fit and healthy. Here “healthy” we mean by the proper diet, nutrition and exercises that are essential for our brain. Have you ever heard that a computer is running without a CPU? Or a speedy car without fuel? Undoubtedly, we all have

Meditation give peace

Meditation-Give Peace To Your Mind

Stress is not part of your life at all, it is passed by the unwanted and unexpected things of your life which you don’t want to handle. You are not aware of the negative effect of stress on your life. But don’t panic just use meditation as Medicare. First of all, you should know how