How To Choose a Career

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Are you worried about your career choice? what to opt for as a profession? confused about career planning? Career is an important aspect of everyone’s life. Not because you earn from there but your all future and growth is based on your career choice. But what is the right career path for you?

A fresher and an experienced person, both of them have some doubts regarding their career. One is going to start the new venture of his life and the other one strives for professional growth and salary increments.

If you are a new bee in the same phenomenon we would like to help you in choosing the right direction. Career Planning is very much related to educational qualification and personal interests. Either your qualification or interest decides your career path.

Even if you are a Ph.D. holder but you don’t have an interest in teaching, it will not be possible to begin a career in academics. You will not be able to give your real attention to your work.

Now the question arises.

How to choose a career that satisfies you? Let’s start.


You need to analyze your skills and capabilities. Apart from your academic interests, what you like to do and what are the areas in which you can perform better.

Self- assessment, helps to know your potential and willingness to join the area of work in which you can prove your abilities and attain professional growth.

It is the base of your career from where you can start the journey of success. You must ask the following questions from yourself:

What do I like administrative work or technical force?

Type of industry do I like?

What is the scope of my area of interest?

What are the alternatives of my interest?

Is it necessary to undergo some training before I start a new job?

You will know your interests better by answering the above questions.

Note down your Requirements

You should know what type of job you want to do. place of your job, whether it’s nearby your hometown or any other city. Your salary expectation is another important element in your requirements. Type of company you want to get employed is another factor to consider. Small scale companies do not offer higher salaries. On the other hand, you will get a decent amount of salary and other perks in a big organization.

Make a list of jobs you can do

Prepare a list of jobs that match up with your educational qualification and technical skills. A well-sorted job list can help you to choose the right companies. It will help you to target the right jobs and thus automatically saves your time. You can easily get prepared for the interview based on the type of job and company.

Research Jobs and Companies

It is very important to research the company in which you are going to apply for the job. Glassdoor is a platform that you can use for knowing about the background of a company. It also shows their employee reviews and the overall reputation of the company in the market.

Get Training (if you need it) & Update your Resume.

If you are in the technical field and require some training for the job, then you should get it done well in advance before applying to the job.

Find and apply for the Job

You need to search for jobs which suit your requirements and personal interests. You can take the help of online job portals for searching the jobs within your area.

See the list of Best Free Job Portals in India To Applying For Your New Job Apply for the job and give interviews. Don’t get demotivated by rejections. Give one more chance to yourself and go for the next opportunity. More interviews will boost up your confidence and learning desire.

See here How To Crack Interview? You will better perform in the next one if you get rejected in the previous. Don’t think that you cannot do anything. Even a stopped watch shows the correct time twice in a day.

Continue growing and learning

You will learn several things in your job. You should also be willing to learn new things and adapt to technological change. It happens some time that people don’t like the change in their work methods. They refused to accept change and there is a reason behind it. The reason is that it takes some time to learn new things and people don’t show much interest in it. The more you learn, the more you will grow.

Education Enhancement

If you have some time on your weekends, then you can opt for higher studies. You can do any correspondence diploma or degree. Make sure you choose a recognized university for distance education. This will help to gain more knowledge related to your interest area. Various universities and institutions offer distance courses and even PG degree and diplomas.

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