What To Wear In Interview?

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Preparing for the Interview? Confused? What to wear?

We hope after reading our article, your doubts will clear.

An interview is the first step of our career. It is an excellent opportunity to leave a positive impression on the employer.

Academic performance and work experience matter a lot when you apply for a job.

The company judges your skills and knowledge through the interview.

Your dressing style is an essential part of the interview.

If you are worried about what to wear in the interview, then the most important thing is to look professional.

It doesn’t matter for what job are you applying, you should look neat and well dressed.

Your look and dressing sense tells a lot about your personality.

Your personality and way of talking represent you in front of others. Bad look adds negative points to your personality.

It forces others to take negative perceptions about you. Therefore, you should know what to wear in the interview.

It’s a great idea to have some outfits in your wardrobe for the professional look. It will save your time, and you will not be confused at the last moment.

Interview Outfits For Women:

It is easy to choose a decent and professional look for women because there are a lot of dressing choices available.

See the following interview outfits for women.

1. Formal Shirt and Trouser with Blazer:

This combination is perfect for the interview. As it represents a bold statement and personality.

It helps you to show your business skills. It is true that this style is old, but still, it’s in the trend. We know that Old is Gold.

Blazer fits to every outfit you like to wear whether it’s a shirt, dress, or skirt. It adds a charming look to your personality.

Blue and black blazers are good for the interview. If you are going for a casual interview, then you can match it with jeans and skirt also.

Khaki shirts and pants also make a perfect combination with a blazer. If you have two or more blazer in your wardrobe, then you can easily dress up for various occasions.

Just make sure that you choose the right dress according to the occasion.

The best combination is a cotton shirt with pant along with a blue or black blazer.


2. V-Neck T-Shirts or Sweater with Black Pant:

Wear a pant with T-Shirt or sweater according to the weather.

V-Neck T-shirts gives a professional look in summers. Make sure you choose a plain T-Shirt and avoid printed material.

V-Neck Sweaters are the evergreen outfit for the interview. It helps you to feel more comfortable and as well as professional.

Blazer along with sweater is a good choice. You can choose black or blue trouser which will complete your look.

You will find a variety of colors in T-Shirt and Sweater, but it is good to choose black, blue, light pink and brown.

If you invest money to purchase three different V-Neck T-Shirts, then you can easily match them with a single blazer for various events.

If you are wearing a sweater with the blazer, then it’s better to keep the blazer’s button open.


3. Cotton Suit:

If you don’t like western outfits, then you can also wear traditional dresses for the interview. Choose cotton suits with leggings.

Carry plain dupatta on your left shoulder. If you found it difficult to carry, then you can attach it with the help of safety pin.

Keep the length of the suit below the knees. Avoid selecting deep neck and designer suits for the interview. Round Neck suits look nice.

Plain Suits are perfect for a professional look. If it’s printed then make sure the prints should be small and light in color.

Wear matching leggings and avoid any extra design and embroidery in the suit.

Interview Outfits For Men:

1. Formal Shirt & Pant:

The simple and basic costume for men is a shirt and pant. It is the most commonly used attire for the interview.

Plain white or black shirt is the preferable choice when we talk about the interview outfit for men.

A lot of men do not pay attention to the shirt stitching and its design. But that is very important for a professional form.

Choose cotton shirt. But also consider the weather while choosing fabric for the shirt.

You should not overlook the fitting of the shirt. Avoid bright colors and shiny fabric.

You will find a lot of shirts with different fabrics and colors. But the golden rule for choosing a shirt is that it should be chosen to match your suit and tie.

You should also consider the weather while choosing fabric for your shirt.

Keep an eye on your shirt’s collar. Consider the shape of your face and get it stitched accordingly.

If your face is long and thin, then choose a spread and full-length collar. For a round face, choose medium length collar and keep them straight.


2. Light Colored Jacket With Plain Shirt and Trouser:

This dress combination gives an elegant look to your personality. Light Colored Jacket suits every skin complexion.

Light color helps to feel you comfortable and confident. Match the jacket with a plain or lightly printed shirt.

Black shirt with a gray jacket looks very attractive. Going with all black is also a good option.

Always choose a combination of decent color. If you like the blue color, then you can choose a light blue color jacket with black pant.

The cloth material should not be shiny. Try to choose blue, black and gray color. For trousers, black color is the best choice always.


3. V-Neck Sweater with Shirt and Trousers:

This look completes the demand for the winter season. It’s the gem-look for the interview.

Take a V-Neck sweater and wear it above a plain shirt. Always tuck your shirt under the trouser.

You should choose a nice-length sweater, which reaches to your waist. If you have a brown, gray or black sweater, then it will easily match up with different shirts.

It will save your money and give you different attractive looks.

If it’s a casual interview, then you can also mix it up with Jeans and black formal shoes.

The color of the shirt should be light. Light pink, light blue and gray color goes best with the V-Neck Sweaters.

Interview Accessories For Women:

It is always suggested that you should wear minimum accessories while going for the interview.

But if you keep it in the right style, then you can easily wear your accessories in the interview.

Consider the following head to toe accessories for the interview:

Hair: For long hairs, high ponytail with a rubber band is good. Avoid colored and decorated rubber bands.

For shorter hairs, round clips and hairpins are the best options. Choose thin hairpin and wear it in such a way so that it does not visible to others.

High-bun also looks great with skirts and blazer. There are special hair-bands available in the market for perfect hair-bun.

Ear & Neck: Avoid neck accessories and put small button-type earrings in an interview. You should not wear party-wear material. It ruins your professional look.

Hand: Just wear a simple and formal watch. You should not wear rings and bracelets. If it’s a casual interview, then try bracelet-watches. It also looks good.

Shoes: For trousers, black formal shoes are best. If you are wearing a suit, then choose flat or medium heel sandals. Choose black or brown color.

Interview Accessories For Men:


As we all know, there are no hair accessories for men. But your hairstyle plays a vital role in making your look attractive.

A simple hairstyle is best for the interview. You can set your hairs with the help of gel or light oil.

Avoid hair spikes and keep the length of hair medium.

Hand: An attractive watch is the best hand-accessory for men. You should not wear any bracelet or rings while going for the interview. https://buildupyouth.com/impact-of-social-media-on-youth/

Shoes: For trousers, black and brown shoes are best. If you are wearing jeans, you can also go for casual shoes in brown, blue or black color.

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