Depression? Leave It Now And For Forever

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Depression” gives the feeling of tension and anxiety. We want that you should know how it’s impacting your lives and ruining your happiness.

We all feel sad sometimes and it’s natural, but if it started happening all the day then it is a sign of depression.

Depression is not a physical weakness. It is a major health problem which is treatable.

Symptoms of Depression



The primary sign of depression is the bad mood. Usually, people become emotional for small things.

It also causes a lack of interest and feeling of guilt. People usually try to attempt suicide and more often they try to harm themselves.


Physical Up-downs


Depression symptoms includes physical problems like:

  • Fatigue and lack of energy
  • Insomnia or Excessive sleep
  • Headaches or abdomen pain, digestive problems and bad appetite.


Suicide Warning Signs


People who are depressed definitely try to attempt suicide. These suicide warning signs include talking about death or trying to hurt people, acting in an aggressive manner.


Change in your Daily life


Without the proper treatment, depression leaves negative impact on your life.

It causes bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol, bad relationships.

People often feel difficulty in making decisions. They don’t pay attention to enjoyable activities like their hobbies and outings.


Change In Appetite


Common symptoms also include changes in appetite. People accidentally increase their appetite during depression while others lose it altogether.


“Always remember you cannot solve all the problems at your own”


Therapy For Depression: Talk Therapy


Studies suggest that different types of talk therapy can cure depression.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: It is used for changing your negative thoughts and behaviours that increases the depression.

Interpersonal therapy: This therapy shows how your relationships affects your mood.

Psycho-dynamic psychotherapy: It helps people to understand that how their behaviour and mood affected by existing problems.

Some people feel relax by taking these therapies in just a few months. You can also try it if you are not overcoming from depression and negative thoughts.




It is suggested by researchers that exercise is essential to get rid from depression. Physical activity releases endorphins that helps in boosting our mood.

Regular exercise leads to better sleep, least stress, and more energy. Any type of physical activity from jogging to housework can help you in curing depression.

Set a right time for exercise and spend at least 20 to 30 minutes daily.


Love Your Pets

We know that a puppy or cute rabbit is not the substitute of medicare and talk therapy in depression.

But pets can easily mix up with your mood. And they have decreased the depression in many people.

Pets give unconditional love to their masters and studies have found that pet owners have less issues in their life. They take better sleep and enjoy good health in their lives.


The Role of Social Support

One of the major cause of depression is loneliness. A good social support is an important part of depression treatment.

This may include joining social media site, fitness clubs or finding an online social community.

You will feel happy in company of your family and friends. Even joining a laugh club or taking yoga classes can help you to connect with people on a regular basis.

You have all the means and ways for defeating depression.

All these things are very common in your life like jogging, singing, hangouts. But not depression so keep it away from you and live the life.

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