World No Tobacco day; Tobacco smoke “A Giant Killer”-Dr. H.J. Singh

JALANDHAR: Addressing the  press on 31st-May-2022 on the eve of WORLD NO TABACCO DAY , Dr. H.J. Singh MD Ranjit Hospital, Patel Chowk Jalandhar and Chairman Indian Chest Society Punjab reveled that Tobacco smoking is one of the biggest public health threats the world  has ever faced and the smokers are not only putting themselves at risks but also the non-smokers.

Tobacco used is the leading cause of preventable diseases and death in India. Recent studies observed that smoking already accounts for 6,50,000/- deaths approximately per year in India and warn that without action, the death toll from smoking will climb still further.

It predicts smoking could soon account for 25 % of all male deaths and 10 % of all female deaths between the age of 30 and  70. Dr.H.J Singh renowned chest specialist and Chairman ASSOCIATION OF Chest Physicians of Punjab chapter said that smoking not only lead to lung, breast, colon, head, neck, cervix and bladder cancers but also lead to very serious disease known as COPD( Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) it is a chronic and preventable disease mainly caused by smoking and is major cause of death. In Asia 15% population is suffering from permanent bronchitis and 25% of COPD.

As per WHO (World Health Organisation) smoking  has gain momentum of epidemic in children. In these report 5 million child smoker and 60,000/- children start regular tobacco use every year. At the heart of this sad situation, Dr. H.J Singh is a paradox. One single factor smoking /chewing tobacco, which is entirely preventable, accounts for large and growing number of permature deaths in india. Not only smoking but chewing tobacco is also very dangerous.          

Dr.Singh also pointed out that the surveys have shown that majority smokers want to stop smoking, but the successful quit rate remains very low. Doctor believes that WILL POWER alone vs. chemical dependency is and unfair fight ! people who want to quit smoking /tobacco need proper motivation and effective medication that they can make their lives worth living. He further told passive smoking is an dangerous as active smoking.

At last Dr. H.J. Singh said that Tobacco is linked with many health problems in addition to lung disease and cancer. As our knowledge about the health consequences of smoking grows, these health concerns have also been extended to the innocent bystanders (those who regularly encounter second-hand smoke). If you are ready to quit, talk to your physician. Your doctor can help you successfully quit smoking by treating your addiction to nicotine and by giving you information on how to change your behavior.

It is necessary to create awareness about the NRT and its benefits. Tobacco smoking is an important

issue and needs to be addressed and awareness around it needs to be created on regular intervals .it’sTime to emerge stronger than addition .let us say NO to tobacco and CRUSH THE CRAVE !  


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