Scientists identify mechanism linking traumatic brain injury to neurodegenerative disease

Washington [US], June 2 (ANI): Scientists have revealed a potential mechanism for how traumatic brain injury leads to neurodegenerative diseases, according to a study in fruit flies, and rat and human brain tissue, published in the journal eLife. The results could aid the development of treatments that halt the progression of cell damage after brain Read More

Vitamin D may not provide protection from COVID-19 susceptibility or disease severity, study suggests

Washington [US], June 2 (ANI): Observational studies have suggested that increased vitamin D levels may protect against COVID-19. However, these studies were inconclusive and possibly subject to confounding. A study published in PLOS Medicine by Guillaume Butler-Laporte and Tomoko Nakanishi at McGill University in Quebec, Canada, and colleagues suggests that genetic evidence does not support Read More

Ethnic diversity helps identify more genomic regions linked to diabetes-related traits: Study

London [UK], June 1 (ANI): By including multi-ethnic participants, a large scale genetic study by the University of Exeter has identified more regions of the genome linked to type 2 diabetes-related traits than if the research had been conducted in Europe alone. New findings published in the journal Nature Genetics demonstrate that expanding research into Read More

Discovery gives hope of detecting, preventing prostate cancer spread

Canberra [Australia], June 1 (ANI): New research by QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute and The University of Queensland has revealed how lowering cholesterol could potentially prevent or help stop the spread of prostate cancer. The researchers made the discovery after identifying a change in function of the hnRNPK protein in people with advanced prostate cancer. Read More