Best Free Job Portals in India To Applying For Your New Job

As India’s economy is growing and there is a need for talented professionals. The demand for employees for the private ventures and multinational companies is growing day by day. There’s been tremendous growth in the number of job portals. If we see with an estimate then, today over 80% of job vacancies are filling through

how to get a job after graduation

How To Get a Job After Graduation

Are you pursuing graduation? Or you have already completed your graduation and looking for a job? Then we hope our article will guide you in the right direction. Every student has the following questions in his mind after completing graduation: What to do after graduation What after graduation? After graduation? Career after graduation Courses after

Benefits of Online Education buildupyouth

Benefits of Online Education

Online learning is bringing a revolutionary change in the era of modernization.Today we are noticing the major change that came across in the teaching and learning process. Let’s take a look at the earlier methods that we have used for the learning process: 1. Face To Face learning in schools 2. Tuition 3. Personal revisions

Text Addiction

Text Addiction

What is text addiction? Texting is an easy way to communicate in the modern society. Ok! Hmm! WBU? Lol, are the greatest way of communicating with each other on social media. But unfortunately, this great way of texting leads to text addiction and it’s not surprising that you might be addicted to texting. Text Addiction

Social Media Facts

Social Media Facts-The Impact of Social Media On Youth

Social media is a platform that brings thousands of people at one place and the interesting fact is that now the whole world becomes a small village just because of social media. Social media has an important place in today’s young generation. Whatever is the platform, social media has changed the way of our life.

Women Rights In India

Women Rights In India

Women rights in India-Constitution of India provides various rights to women which includes equality, safety, dignity and freedom from discrimination. These Female rights ensures women that they can live with freedom and without fear.It’s really important that every women should know these rights. As an individual and resident of this nation you should be aware