Teenage is the best part of our life. It’s full of excitements, enthusiasm, and most important, friends and lots of fun. As a teenager, you face lots of new things for the first time in your life. But every coin has two sides, apart from those wonderful things, teenage comes […]

We often see people who possess biased behavior towards B.A. They treat Bachelor of Arts as a simple course. Most of the parents don’t encourage their children to take admission in this course. But why Bachelor of Arts is not a recommended course? Why students opt for other courses whereas […]


Are you pursuing graduation? Or you have already completed your graduation and looking for a job? Then we hope our article will guide you in the right direction. Every student has the following questions in his mind after completing graduation: What to do after graduation What after graduation? After graduation? […]

Online learning is bringing a revolutionary change in the era of modernization.Today we are noticing the major change that came across in the teaching and learning process. Let’s take a look at the earlier methods that we have used for the learning process: 1. Face To Face learning in schools […]

What is text addiction? Texting is an easy way to communicate in the modern society. Ok! Hmm! WBU? Lol, are the greatest way of communicating with each other on social media. But unfortunately, this great way of texting leads to text addiction and it’s not surprising that you might be […]