Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Summer break is on and it’s probably the best time to treat your kids with something as indulgent as the new creation at SFC PlusMax Wrap Box Combo. The yummy concoction is a succulent fillet of hot and crispy chicken, a hash brown, lettuce, tomato slice, sweet chili sauce & cheese – all wrapped in a soft toasted tortilla. The meal is complete with regular fries & a regular beverage.


Max Wrap Box Combo

Let the summer break begin!


Priced at:

Max Wrap Box Combo: AED 27.50

Available at all 26 outlets across the UAE

20% off on direct orders from our website


About SFC Plus

SFC plus has something for everyone! Through our unique approach to delicious yet wholesome fast food that satisfies all your cravings in one place – from Skinless Fried Chicken, pizzas and burgers to salads, shakes and mocktails – we’ve moved away from being just a traditional “quick service restaurant“. We’re loved for our food, SFC Plus currently has 26 restaurants spread across the UAE. 

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