Comment on the UAE Hosting COP28 by Chandra Dake, CEO and Founder, Dake Rechsand

On the announcement of the UAE hosting COP 28, Chandra Dake, CEO and Founder, Dake Rechsand said, “Congratulations to the UAE and the delegation led by His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan for winning the bid to host COP28 in 2023. This is a global recognition of concrete efforts that the UAE has taken to facilitate an inclusive platform for multistakeholder engagement – one that has empowered individuals, institutions, and entities like Dake Rechsand to innovate, develop, and adopt solutions that can address climate change and enable sustainable transformation.”


Chandra Dake, CEO and Founder, Dake Rechsand


“The COP28 will coincide with a unique juncture when sustainability and climate actions will need a strong business case. Global efforts will not only need to be accelerated but also aligned in the right direction, characterized by consensus and without conflict of interests. In a way, COP28 is essentially a precursor to a potential “green industrial revolution”. So, what stakeholders bring to the COP28 table will be consequential. And I’m glad that a nation that epitomizes multiculturalism and progressive values and champions sustainability is facilitating this table.”

About Dake Rechsand
Dake Rechsand’s innovative and transformative solutions are proactively contributing to the creation of a more sustainable and abundant world. The company’s breakthrough breathable sand technology utilizes low-value desert aeolian sand, to create a constantly evolving portfolio of high-value products. The solutions offered by Dake Rechsand include applications to convert desert sand into arable land, desert farming, water harvesting, sand casting, sand oil, and more. With a global presence that currently extends to the USA, the UAE, India, China, and South Africa, the company is transforming food and water security in water-stressed regions. It is currently engaged in an ambitious plan to enable farming and greenery, and plant at least 200,000 trees by year end 2021. Dake Rechsand was recognized at The Gulf Sustainability Awards 2021, held in Dubai; with a Gold Award in the ‘Innovations in Sustainable Technologies’ category.


About Chandra Dake, CEO and Founder, Dake Rechsand
Chandra Dake is the Executive Chairman and Group CEO of the Dake Group, and an advocate of Innovation and Sustainability, with a Food Security and Water Conservation focus. Mr. Dake reconciles a strong entrepreneurial drive with a philanthropic spirit, which has helped him conceptualize and implement socially conscious and sustainable business models, over a 21-year career as a successful entrepreneur. From beginnings in IT consulting and niche Medical AI, Mr. Dake’s business interests have blossomed to include sectors such as Agriculture, Energy, Commodity Trading, and Sustainable Technologies. His business approach is anchored in strong ethics and values, which is evident in his efforts to implement inclusive growth models for underprivileged community farmers, and scaling transformative Desert Farming and Water Conservation solutions.