China Bistro Spreading its Flavours

  • The Award-Winning Pan Asian restaurant is now open in Dubai Studio City.

  • The new outlet is offering a complimentary dessert on delivery and dine-in on a minimum billing of AED 50, one per order till the end of August.


Are you a fan of Asian flavours, and if dinner feels incomplete without a big plate of Noodles and Jasmine Tea, we have a new spot to add to your list.

China Bistro Spreading its Flavours

At the Dubai Studio City China Bistro, you can expect to find signature favorites such as the prawn tempura, crispy potato with lime and chilly, crispy vegetable Konjeenaro, Fire roasted marinated chicken, chicken wings in a choice of Hunan or Hong Kong sauce, Roast Lamb, One pot meals and hot pots savored by the CB patrons across India & UAE.


Also not to be missed by health-conscious ones are vegetable basil dumpling, chicken basil dumpling, stir fried Asian greens, vegetable croquette with chilly soy and for the indulgent dessert lovers are the dramatic Buddha’s Fu as which invariably every visitor likes to rave about on social media as well as brownie with chocolate sauce.


China Bistro menus are known to keep adding special additions time & again and one can be sure of getting such announcing so one can add in the must-try list. It’s Fast paced and cordial service, unique ambience and flavours adapted to Indo-Chinese palate make it a winning combination.


The interiors are quite unique and are designed to reflect the cuisine and the inspiration behind the brand-The Terracotta Warriors, as a way of strengthening the overall brand identity. The Olive Green colour scheme complimented by Orange and Patina finishes immediately communicates a message to customers walking through the door, even going as far as influencing appetite and energy levels. The decor carries forward the ancient traditions of Chinese Warriors but does not have the typical Chinese elements in the regular Chinese restaurants. Ambience is fresh, contemporary and subtle with a nice cozy vibe giving it a bistro feel. When paired with authentic food, service and music, the furniture & fixtures contribute to the overall ambience felt in the space, whilst also moulding the customer experience.


At its new location, China Bistro aims to become a center for the community, where people can come together and enjoy tasty food. The space is open seven days a week and the brand are known to draw community members to return repeatedly over the years not just for the high-quality pan Asian food the restaurant provides, but also for the experiential elements it offers. It attracts family guests, as it is located in a residential area.


On the launch, Mr. Sanjay Vazirani, CEO, Foodlink Global Restaurants & Catering Services LLC said, “Indian-Chinese started becoming hugely popular across India in the 1980’s. But most restaurants served very greasy, saucy versions of the cuisine. We created China Bistro to give food enthusiasts a taste of quality Chinese food along with other Asian delicacies from Burma, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, etc. China Bistro over the years has tapped a large pool of loyal diners with food that is delicious yet healthy at prices that are strictly affordable. We simply love our patrons for their amazing reviews and constant encouragement.


The brand places a lot of emphasis of HSEQ compliances. The team undergoes extensive periodic trainings in Food Hygiene and conforms to all guidelines laid down by Sharjah Municipality. All food handlers undergo Training programs on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Managers are Trained upto Level 3 of Food Safety Training. All service staff are trained on Guest recognition and service standards. These trainings play a key role in continual improvement of their processes, products and services. All restaurant managers, service staff & food handlers are examined and certified to ensure adherence to Food Safety Management System. Additionally, the service staff is also trained to know the product very well and effectively describe it to the guests and suggest dishes according to guest preferences.


It’s all part of an extensive expansion plan of the parent company Foodlink which has roots in India and is now expanding in UAE across luxury catering, Boutique catering and institutional catering, as well as the massive foray into restaurants & cloud kitchen, including China Bistro, India Bistro & Art of Dum which is akin to an experiential at home luxury dining experience.



Weekdays: 11:30AM- 12AM
Weekends: 11:30 AM- 2:00 AM


Contact / 0543070988

Address: Shop No 5 Danube Glitz 1 Dubai Studio City

Instagram: chinabistrouae